Your Website Needs Help

AKA What Your Current Website is Trying to Tell You

Quick question chica. Are people dming you (uninvited) with questions that come up repeatedly? The same question, over and over again. Basic things like how to start working with you, how long your service takes, how much your program costs?👀 If you have services or a program with a set price, this info should be easy to learn with a quick look-see of your website. If it’s not easily available, you probably got 99 problems and your website is #1. 

Problem Unaware

Entrepreneurs past and present will tell you, starting and maintaining a business can be roooough.


All those moving parts. Tools, systems, contracts! And a lot of times, especially when we’re new, we assume it just be like that sometimes 🤷🏾‍♀️. When you make it to year 2 and 3, you get a better handle of things (hopefully!) and become more purposeful in determining just what needs to be happening to cut down on redundancy and recapture your time for things that help you move forward in business. 

So think about it. What is making business hard for you? If it’s time spent on things not directly related to delivering your service to a client, chances are you need to examine your systems.

Check Your Surroundings

If you’re used to the grind and barely staying just ahead of every task, you may not have time to take a breath and look around. And I’m here to tell you, it’s a problem. Wasting time answering the same shit over and over is legit for the birds. But you seem to not notice because sometimes we equate busy with doing work.

“But Rosanna” you say “it helps build community and my people feel like I’m here for them no matter what, and that’s why they love me”. Naw babes, they love you because they see you give quality results, are transparent and open, and provide value. 

Creating a system that addresses FAQs, allows people to feel like they know you, and can trust you because you’re upfront.  

Don’t Make Them Think

The flip side of it is you’re answering questions they didn’t even know they had yet, and see you as a mindreader. Or better, an expert who knows what they need, before they even utter the words. They’ll be thinking “If you know this, of course you know how to solve my problem!”

What happens when your business info isn’t easily accessible? Why should people have to wait for you to respond to a dm or email to learn something basic about your business? What about the people who are too anxious/busy/whatever to take that step? 

Avoid depriving your audience of the information they need to make an educated next step. Lay out all the basics, then lay out an invitation aka a call to action.

What You’re Really Here For

How can you achieve this? *Drumroll* A purposeful website. You knew it was coming. As a service provider, the primary purpose of your website is to connect and convert your audience. Things you can check your website for: 

Is your offer and invitation specific?
Can your audience establish how to get started?
Do they know what happens after the smash that “apply now” button?

If you answer “Hell yeah!” to all of these questions, then you deserve a 15 min free for all at Target.

Be Your Clients’ MVP

Of course all of this is moot if you’re currently experiencing website shame and won’t even drop that link when folks ask. Instead you direct them to OPP (other people’s platforms) or send them a google doc with your services and pricing. If this is you, I invite you to get at me and collab on getting your VIP (very important platform) in rotation.

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