Finding success as an introverted entrepreneur

Nearly four decades as an introvert has taught me a lot about finding ways to turn introversion into a superpower. 🌠

For the longest time, I had a hard time using, and finding, my voice. I had plenty of thoughts, but rarely saw the point of exerting the effort to be heard among the hearty bellows of every extrovert in my presence. Oh, you too?

I tried it all; Toastmasters, joined a social club, introvert leadership books, forced myself to talk to X number of people at parties. And it was exhausting AF. I asked myself why I drained my energy and realized it was because I thought I was missing out on something. I mean, outgoing people make it look so fucking fun right?!

I finally realized that all my efforts were so f*ing painful because I was trying to be someone I’m not, in a way that was beyond inauthentic; it was not sustainable. And this was all before I even considered getting serious about running a business. 

I thought successful introverts just sucked it up and did all the things they tell you successful people do; namely, act like an extrovert. 

I was doing all this because I thought it would turn me into a successful introvert, however I felt not just lacking, but depleted. Could I do this with a whole ass business on the line? The answer was “definitely not”.

How could I grow and succeed as an introvert? As a person who became overwhelmed and exhausted at the thought of massive gatherings with strangers, or even a house party with friends of friends? How could I be connected without depleting my spirit? 

It was time to focus this contemplation not just in my personal life, but turn it on my business life. 

I began to consider what I feel comfortable doing, and how I felt most natural communicating. 

Introverts Got Something To Say

Being a Xennial, I came up in the era of chat rooms and messengers – I loved typing away and making virtual friends that were most likely as awkward as I was IRL. 

Slight ADHD detour: Like most teen nerds, I also got into messing around with html and at the time it was just something fun to mess around with. Embedding music and twinkle stars to the background of a webpage, making everything Papyrus font because it looked *classy*. #Iykyk

Subconsciously, all this time I’ve searched for ways to be seen and heard, to have impact in a way that felt natural while still getting my message across and it had been staring me in the face all along.

I had a voice, a perspective, and social media was emerging as the perfect playground. What I didn’t have was belief in the value of my contributions. I won’t tie introversion to low self-esteem, but what I will say is my unwillingness to share most times was bound to lack of recognition in parts, and it became this scary buffet serving fear of rejection, loneliness, a dearth of connection with others, and failure. Fun stuff for sure.

It was time to break out of the feedback loop. 

Public Speaking for Introverts

One of the biggest motivators that changed my perspective on speaking with others (whether spoken, written, or visual) I’ve had people that I hadn’t seen in decades recall moments where I’ve left an impression and encouraged them to see things differently, without me even realizing it. The thing about being an introvert, the times we do speak up, we make it count. 

Messages of how I’ve influenced or changed someone’s perspective often find me at the right time, right when I’m wondering if it’s even worth it to share my thoughts. It reinforces the message that what I have to share, my gift of seeing things differently, is valuable. I’m so sure you’ve had this impact on others, whether they’ve made it known to you or not. After all, introverts are observant and wise people; the knowledge we impart has the potential to change lives. 💁🏾‍♀️

Introvert Getting Over The Stage Fright

Experiences and memories constantly remind me that my voice matters. I don’t have to be the loudest to have an impact; I just have to say it to the right people, the folks who need to hear it. 

And that’s like 75%* the secret of being a successful entrepreneur, introvert or otherwise. 

So, what does showing up look like for you? 

Introvert, Stop Being Invisible

Showing up requires balance. Finding how to manage my vivacity for work and life was the hard part. How can I maintain my energy as an introvert while running a service-based business that is people-facing? What can I do to escape the energy vampire that is social media? I want to connect with the people I serve, but does it have to involve being on screen, lip-syncing, and dancing around? The answer: “Only if you want it to.”

When I started communicating in a way that felt more authentic, it was like magic. I started finding other women in business who connected with my values and genuinely wanted to connect. I wholly attribute this to the “real recognize real” phenomenon ✨. 

Naturally, unfiltered me felt at ease because I was able to connect one person at a time. I focused more on building relationships instead of playing the social media algorithm game, and it’s worked for me. 

Bring Balance to Your Business as an Introverted Entrepreneur

Like most introverted solopreneurs, I want to run my business in a way that respects my energy. I don’t believe in running ragged for money, recognition or anything tbh.

My big question was: What can I do to serve and be my non-salesy self while still showing that I’m a badass at branding and web design? 

And I’m sure you have a similar question you’ve been ruminating on. It may sound like: How can I…..ditch the social media hamster wheel? Do marketing off camera? Get consistent clients or customers without using all my time to get them to the cart? Grow a business if I have to plaster my face on every single freakin’ platform? 

QTNA: How could I attract the people that I really wanted to work with, and kick the low effort, non-serious inquiries to the curb? 

The struggle is real. And the good news is, you don’t have to do all of the things. The better news is that it’s not one size fits all. And the best news is that [hyperlink to services page] I can help. 

I’m talkin’ about a way to attract and repel without saying a word, and I’d love to show you how. I talk more about my process on my introductory service page; you get to know about the process, the outcomes, and the transformation that’s possible with an intentional brand and visual message for your business. 

Marketing Strategies for Introverts

I’ll go deeper into this and more in my Introvert Entrepreneur Series. If you already know you want help busting through the marketing mayhem as an introvert, holla at me. I’d love to see how I can support you with a brand and website that does all the talking for you. 

*There is no data to back up this estimate.