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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What Platform do you primarily work with?

WordPress is bae, but I may occasionally step out and dabble on a different platform. What I can say is that a lot of people gravitate to a lot of the alternative platforms because they believe that when they need to make updates down the road, they can just do it themselves. Which yes, is absolutely why those platforms exist. However, consider the impact this has in your day-to-day workflow. While moving into what I call “boss mode”, it’s time to move into delegating so you have time to shape the culture and bigger picture of your business. 

FYI I can most definitely hook you up with a monthly maintenance plan that can handle making content updates like blog posts as well as making sure all the behind the scenes techy stuff is taken care of, easy peasy. 

I'm not an Introvert, Can I still work with you?

Hell yeah! If you’re fine working with someone who has a black belt in brevity and respects boundaries, I’d love to work with you too!  

Is there a payment plan?

You know it. Your website is probably THE biggest investment in your marketing budget and has the potential to give the biggest impact. Relax and know that you’re a few monthly payments away from the brand and website your business deserves.

I just need a logo.

While a logo is great to have, you need strategy and a system to push your brand into recognition and trustworthy status 🌠. Just like you wouldn’t take your Adidas track suit to Gucci and ask them to slap their label on it. I want to ensure our product has the quality and cohesion necessary to create a stunning visual experience.

Revive your brand, don’t just reheat the tired setup you got now.  

I really Like My current Color Palette, Can I just hire you for web design?

Same song, different verse. Colors, fonts, logo — all part of a system that tell your story and creates the perfect platform. 

What I can say is that I’m open to discovering how we can create a vibe that delivers and helps grow your audience and reach.

I'm not sure what I need, can we just talk?

Fa sho. I’ve been knows to spit some words of wisdom every now and again. Problem-solving (and emojis 💃🏾) are my love language, and I would be happy to consult on your business needs. Rates are hourly and can be over chat or sent via recorded message. Phone or video conference are also options

Homework, seriously?

I get it, you’re delegating to have more time for what matters, and here I am asking for you to fill out an easy peasy questionnaire and invest 90 minutes on a strategy call for why? Because your brand deserves the best start in life. Think of it as pre-natal vitamins for your biz identity. 

Will you write my copy?

I can provide support in crafting copy that’s focused on kicking doubts to the curb, flaunting your influence, and clarifying what you have to offer.

We’ll schedule a co-working time where I weave together the precise words that speak to your audience so that they know from the first paragraph that you were sent to help them win.
Please advise during application process that your girl is gonna have to bust out the writing tools 🙏🏾. Let’s do this! 


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