When it comes to branding, most people think of logos and colors. But branding is so much more! 

It’s the way you communicate with your potential clients, how they perceive you as a business—and ultimately, how they choose to interact with you. Although it’s over used, branding is your total ~vibe~, and you wanna be sure you’re sending ALL the right signals. 

Having an effective branding strategy can mean the difference between having those sought after dreamy clients, poor fit clients, or no clients at all.

First, branding helps attract the right kind of clients. A client’s awareness of your branding—including logo, colors, messaging, and mission statement—can help them identify if they’re a good fit for working with you. That’s right, your brand does the heavy lifting of weeding out folks who aren’t ready to invest or prepared for the amazing transformation you offer. I call that a win-win 💃🏾.

Branding to Attract the Right Clients

Say for example you specialize in a luxury service, then your branding should communicate that to potential clients. Those who are looking for luxury branding will be drawn to your business, while those who don’t have the budget for it will be repelled. 

Quick exercise: think of some luxury brands you like. What are their logos, brand colors, and personality like? Is there even a signature fragrance at their stores? Consider the experience they deliver to their customers – more likely than not, it’s something they strive to recreate for each customer, every time.

Another example could be a copywriting agency that specializes in working with small businesses. Your branding should say that you are an approachable and knowledgeable branding partner for small businesses. This will attract those types of clients, while larger corporations may be repelled by the message.

Branding to Repel Unfit Clients

Branding also helps repel unfit (or poor fit) clients. An effective branding strategy allows you to craft a clear message about the type of client you serve—and that can help you repel those who are outside of your target market. Smart business owners want to serve people who can benefit from what they offer; attempting to convince unfit individuals is a waste of effort, and nobody got time for that. 

For example, if you’re a photographer that specializes in working with start-ups, you may choose to focus on branding strategies and solutions that are tailored toward fast growth and scalability. Those messages will attract the right kind of clients, while large corporations or businesses looking for branding solutions may be repelled.

A Few Ideas on How To Differentiate Your Brand to Attract the Right Clients

The default option for the past several years has been to develop social media campaigns to drive engagement to attract the right clients. You can do this by creating highly targeted campaigns to reach specific audiences through audience targeting. 

Luckily, if that’s not your jam, I have a few other recommendations for you. 

You can focus on developing branding solutions that are tailored to your target audience. Produce visual branding materials, such as logos and graphics, that accurately reflect your branding values and draw your target audience in.

Hot tip comin’ atcha: Develop a mission statement and tagline that clearly communicates who you are and what you do. Be sure to communicate who you serve through these statements as well. When your audience comes across your messaging, they’ll do a double take and think “Who is this person that knows wtf I’m thinking?!” and they’ll zip right on over to your website to find out more about how to work with you. 

Create content with targeted messaging to attract your ideal client. Yes, I’m talking blogs, videos, audio, visuals, and putting that on platforms that can drive traffic back to your website.  Take the time to understand their desires and what holds their attention, so you can hit them with how you can support their dreams and goals. Creating a buyer persona is a great way to explore who your client is and use this research to fuel the content you put out.

Here’s the not so secret ingredient to branding: use imagery and brand colors that relate to your target audience. Leverage color psychology to your advantage to create a branding story that resonates with clients.

Promote your brand in places where your ideal clients hang out. This could be online and/or offline, depending on who your target audience is.

Create case studies featuring existing clients who fit your ideal client persona. Showcase their success stories to demonstrate the impact you make and attract more clients who are looking for similar solutions.

The Purpose Behind Branding

Essentially, branding is about connection: connecting with your target audience, and creating a memorable experience that resonates with them. If you’re hitting all the right notes, branding can help you attract the right kind of clients and keep energy vampires that only want the free shizz out of your inbox. Thank me later 💁🏾‍♀️

So if you’re looking to engage the right kind of clients, branding can be a powerful tool. By crafting a branding strategy that speaks to your target audience and resonates with them, you can quickly and effectively attract the right kind of clients and repel the wrong ones.

When you’re ready to get started on attracting more of your dream clients, hit me up.